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Facial Laser Hair Removal

There is a simple solution to unwanted facial hair. Even if most of our female friends have the same issue, hair on our upper lip, chin and sideburns can be embarrassing. As women age, changes in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels facilitate facial hair growth. Younger women with relatively high testosterone levels also have difficulty with unwanted facial hair. Waxing, tweezing and shaving tend to strengthen the follicle resulting in hair that is more coarse. At Vanish, we recommend treatment immediately to curb this process. You might be able to cover up your excess hair in areas that aren't constantly exposed, but when it comes to the hair on your face, there's no hiding it. Your face is always on display, and as a result it can seem as though everyone's focus is directed on the hair on your upper lip, chin or sideburns. Allow people to focus on your skin, or your hairstyle or your beautiful eyes.

Fortunately, there's a treatment that can safely, effectively and permanently reduce the hair, without the harmful effects waxing, tweezing and shaving can have on your skin. Laser hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment of hair right at the root and destroying it on contact. In a matter of minutes, the session is over and you're one step closer to achieving the smooth, beautiful skin you've always dreamed of. There's little downtime involved, meaning you can receive the treatment on your lunch break and immediately get back to your day.


Underarm Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave your underarms again. Throughout the year you will have smooth sexy skin and never have to be concerned about the last time you shaved. Whether going to a formal occasion or slipping on a sun dress, you can move with complete confidence. With underarm laser hair removal, you're given the freedom to step into whatever you're most comfortable wearing without worrying about unsightly hair.

The underarm region is one of our most popular areas to treat. This area in particular often requires much less than six treatments. Our senior laser technician completely eliminated underarm hair growth with only two treatments. The underarm area is an excellent, low cost way to be introduced to laser hair removal.

Repeatedly shaving the underarms makes the area prone to ingrown hairs, cysts and razor burn. Laser hair removal by Vanish is the solution for unwanted underarm hair. First the hair is destroyed from underneath the skin, and sheds out completely. Afterwards the pores in the skin close, leaving only smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs, razor burns and no more "5 O'clock shadow." Treating the underarms literally only takes less than 15 minutes and you can get started with your first treatment on the day you purchase!


Leg Laser Hair Removal

Why not enjoy smooth legs long term? Cut your shower time in half. Never have to hurry through dragging a laser across your legs before an event. No more stubble, cuts or irritation. Allow the skin on your legs to be the most beautiful it can be. Silky legs don't have to be a tiresome process. With leg laser hair removal, you can ditch your daily razor routine and cancel your monthly wax appointments. After a series of sessions, you'll enjoy permanent hair reduction in the most time-consuming area of your body.
The appeal of eternally bare legs goes far beyond the aesthetics. Trying on clothes feels different, curling up in fresh sheets is exponentially more comfortable and your confidence skyrockets. There's nothing like feeling the smoothness of freshly shaved or waxed legs.

Consider what it would be like to wake up and choose any article of clothing for the day without calculating the number of days since you last shaved your legs. Imagine never having to pack your razor for the quick weekend getaway or worrying about how sharp your razor is. Think of how freeing it would be to glide your hand over your legs and always feel that same just-shaved smoothness. Leg laser hair removal safely and effectively provides you with these results in just a few treatments.


Hair Removal in Men

Men, can you think a few areas where you no longer want body hair present? Ask your partner, they may have a few areas they would like you to consider. Would you be interested in sculpting the bikini area or going full Brazilian? Why not consider removing all the hair on your arms or legs to show your hard work from the gym or the track. There is a reason why male models and body builders do not allow hair on the vast majority of their bodies. I was struck one day looking at the images on the walls of Abercrombie when I noticed that none of them have body hair. If you’re curious about what your body would look like without hair, simply shave the area that you’re curious about. Shave for a while and get used to the look. The skin on your forearms and legs will feel sexy smooth to someone else’s touch and your experience to touch will have a heightened pleasurable sensation. Many of us in our 40s and early 50s have begun to grow hair in areas that we never had before. Sometimes, individual hairs actually grow quite long and are really distracting. We can control hair growth in any area that you wish us to.


It's hard enough to feel confident in a bathing suit without the added stress of worrying about embarrassing shaving bumps or stray bikini hairs. Vanish has the solution. We offer a laser version of the full Brazilian bikini wax. Our bikini line pubic hair removal procedure is one of our most sought after hair removal procedures. This area is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, with most of these laser procedures being completed in just 20 minutes. Our laser specialists can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, while paying particular attention to your comfort.


Are you bothered by the presence of dark arm hair? Forearms in particular create a first impression about your skin. Smooth beautiful forearms accentuate attractive bracelets and rings. Whether going to a formal occasion or slipping on a sun dress, you can move with complete confidence. Our male clients prefer hair removed from the arms and forearms to show the effects of a fit active lifestyle. This is certainly true of clients who have unusually thick or dark arm hair. Vanish has state of the art FDA-cleared lasers allowing us to customize our treatment to work with your hair and skin color. Treatments are quick and virtually painless. This procedure can usually be performed over a lunch break.


Men of color, especially those with dense beards, are plagued with ingrown hairs. Pseudo folliculitis, the technical term for the condition, happens when hair grows under the skin's surface and results in painful, unsightly bumps. It can be a result of shaving, waxing and tweezing, and can cause severe irritation. Laser treatments eliminate greater than 95% of active hair follicles and controls folliculitis. Many of our clients have the area directly below the jaw line treated effectively eliminating the need to shave this area.

Want to allow some areas to continue growth? We can completely shape your beard or goatee and allow these follicles to produce hair. Skip the irritating effects of other hair removal types and choose laser hair removal. You’ll be able to choose the exact areas that you want to maintain perfect smoothness. When you’re well groomed, you feel better – and you also appear more attractive to others. Our male clients treat the neck line, the back of the neck and even their full beard to minimize upkeep and maintenance.